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Manufacturer : Oberon Performance
Mini LED motorcycle indicators by Oberon Performance.

Bi-directional LED CAD/CAM designed to increase safety and to alleviate most of the current LED aftermarket indicators issues. Benefits include:

~ Improved motorcycle safety
~ Highly visible
~ Extra wide angle viewing pattern
~ LED flash visible from front and rear of indicator body (double sided)
~ Instant illumination and no fade
~ Small current draw
~ Billet aluminium housing
~ High power amber LEDs
~ Elegant design
~ E Marked
~ Stainless steel fasteners
~ 6 or 12 Volt variants

The indicator uses eight high powered wide angled LEDs either each side of the circuit board. Each indicator is visible from both the front and the back of the unit with equal luminosity. This has a substantial improvement on the visibility of the indicators and greatly adds to the safety of the motorcycle and rider. Due to their low draw rate and very nature, LEDs offer a much longer life than ordinary filament indicator bulbs.
LEDs do not have a time delay on operation so they are instantly on at full power and off with no fade. Again this gives a distinct and noticeable flash or presence to other road users making it much less likely for the indicator to ignored or overlooked. One of the most common complaints we have observed at Oberon Performance is of the many motorcycle indicators that have low quality lenses. Our unique lens fully envelopes the LED circuit board completely with a 360 degree solid wall providing a melt proof, shake proof and loss proof cover. These indicators are CNC machined from billet aluminium and are available in black or silver anodise. Complete with stainless steel fasteners, sleeved cable and an M8 threaded fitting to allow front or rear universal fitting to the motorcycle.

Indicator body size: 68mm long x 27.5mm dia x 20mm width. A 15mm spanner flat is present to aid tightening when fitting to your motorcycle.

PLEASE NOTE: some motorcycles are fitted with 6 Volt LED or Bulb type Indicators, EVEN some modern bikes, for example the KTM RC8 rear indicators. Please confirm the voltage if you have any doubt.

Weight (Each): 56g

Priced per Pair

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