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Tire Installation

No Mar CH200 Tire changer

No Mar CH200 Tire changer

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Manufacturer : No Mar
No Mar CH200 Tire changer

Over-sized heat treated and case hardened frame arms for maximum durability. Sliding and rotating upper arm allows for perfect indexing on any wheel (7-21 inch). This is the complete kit and able to handle any application.
Comes complete with:

· Our latest articulating "Swivel Tech" overhead arm to support and align your center post fast!

· Posi-Clamps with tall and standard spools

· Tool Collar

· Patented Mount/Demount Bar

· (1) Spare Demount Tip

· Tire Lube

· Spray Bottle

· Tool Collar with Spoon bar attachment

· (2) 16" Spoon Bars

· Scratch Proof AND ATV style Bead Breakers

· HDPE Bead Breaker Platen Block

*Add A Waist High Bead breaker and Dog & Cam block set for the ultimate in ergonomics -"Pro-Upgrade" $479

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- Paul F

Your store front and online store have exceptional service. Thank you and keep up the good work.

- Darrell M

I'd like to commend and recognize a superb business with Blue Streak Racing. The staff are all extremely friendly, professional, and go out of their way to provide superior client service.

- Richard S